Color: Black Tabby - n23
Tests: HCM N/N, PKD N/N, 

We are very excited to introduce our wonderful big boy Beckham. He is a brown classic tabby with excellent boning. Нe is a gorgeous boy with a wonderful personality. We love his beautiful expression, his ears have wonderful lynx tips and a beautiful bushy tail with a tail light at the end. He has a nice square muzzle with a gentle curve to his profile, nice pattern, deep color and the biggest puppy paws!

He is just a love and purrs all the time!

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In the photo 3 years old



Dipper Pines Alligator*Ru

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In the photo 1,5 years old

Color: Black Silver Marble with White - ns 22 09
Tests: HCM N/N, PKD N/N,
Father: Beckham
Mother: Bekkercoon Unique Milena Mi-Mi 
Home name - Venya, Venik

This child was born in our cattery and from the very beginning was a unique representative of the breed. He has a very beautiful light color, strong body, perfect ears.

with long bunches. He is very funny, active and playful. Venya has an amazing character!

He is an incredibly kind giant!


Picady des Motards En Delire

Color: Blue Marble with White - a 22 03
Tests: HCM N/N, PKD N/N,
Father: Eminem Amber
Mother: Obsession des
Motards En Delire

Picady is our rising star who came to us from sunny Paris!

​He has a strong pedigree, rare lines, exellent pedigree data: high-set ears with long tufts, a big "box", a perfect profile, incredibly long body, tall sturdy legs and long tail. He is the owner of an excellent breed type and a luxurious fur coat. He has a funny cow color and the same cheerful friendly character. This boy is friends with all the dogs and cats of our family, and is not at all afraid of new friends!

In the photo 7 months old

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