Color: Black Tabby - n23
All tests N/N

We are very excited to introduce our wonderful big boy Beckham. He is a brown classic tabby with excellent boning. Нe is a gorgeous boy with a wonderful personality. His weight is 10-11 kg (depends on sesson of year) and his long is 128 cm! Wow... but is it try. He is really huge! He has a nice square muzzle with a gentle curve to his profile, nice pattern, deep color and the biggest puppy paws!

He is just a love and purrs all the time!

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In the photo 3 years old


Lauren Ralph Alligator*Ru

Color: Red Silver Tabby Blotched with White - ds 09 22
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: Tamerlan
PerfectLand - ns 03 22
Mother: Fendi Adele
Alligator*Ru - fs 09
This is not a cat, but a bomb...
To be honest, I thought that there could not be more ideal (in my vision) than Fendi. But then Fendi gave birth to this monster. I looked both from the side and from the front and focused on attention to certain parts of him and, in general, to his body. Judging by all, he simply has no downsides.
He's just my creamy love!
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In the photo 6 months old


Kandinsky Alligator*Ru

Color: Black Smoke - ns
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: B'Silver Rain NoBabyGlare - ns 09 22
Mother: Keren Or Krasnyi Dar*Ru - fs
He's. Smoky. Catastrophe. 
He looks very serious, but in fact he loves to fool around, indulge in and kiss. However, outwardly he is a super charismatic and brutal cat. An excellent "wild-look" impressive size, high ears, an excellent lion collar, thick tassels on the ears and a magnificent texture of the coat that shimmers in the sun.


Alinkiss Zollend

Color: Blue Silver Ticked Tabby - as 25
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: Alwaro Shaded
Grafiti - ns 11
Mother: Forest Yeti
Ananuri - as 25
This cat is very valuable for further breeding work. He has an interesting rare color and he carries the shaded gene. 
He has a very kind and affectionate disposition and purrs louder than a tractor!
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In the photo 7 months old


In the photo 7 months old

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Dipper Pines Alligator*Ru

Color: Black Silver Marble with White - ns 22 09
Tests: HCM N/N, PKD N/N,
Father: Beckham - n 23
Mother: Bekkercoon Unique Milena Mi-Mi - fs 09
Home name - Venya, Venik

This child was born in our cattery and from the very beginning was a unique representative of the breed. He has a very beautiful light color, strong body, perfect ears.

with long bunches. He is very funny, active and playful. Venya has an amazing character!

He is an incredibly kind giant!

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In the photo 1,5 years old