KEREN OR graceful lady

Color: Black Tortie Smoke - fs
Keren Or, in home - Vesna (eng. Spring).
Vesna has got a very bright color, a perfect profile, a very long tail, and high-set ears with long tufts, perfectly evident “brainpan”. She is very cheerful, active and playful. Vesna has got an astonishing temper! She is beloved by all the members of the family, and of course by al the cats and dogs.

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IFFY red Queen of charisma

Color: Red Marble - d22
She is our rising star. But she knows how to be a sweet and affectionate girl. She can not stand solitude and is always in the company of people. Iffi is the owner of an excellent breed type and a luxurious fur coat. This is truly a priceless girl.

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Color: Black Tortie - f

Fanta is very beautiful lady with brightly  expressed and expressive breeding features. It  has very long expressive “face”, ears with long tassels, powerful chin, long body and long tail. Very soft and silky fur of  sated tortie color.  It  is very enjoyable to hold it on hands and soft to touch … It is very sympathetic, vigorous, tender, playful, lover of hands and care! 


fanta of lasor