Color: Black Tortie Smoke - fs
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: CH Wabun Qualification Approved - ds 11
Mother: GIC Reality Show Krasnyi Dar*Ru - gs 09
Home name - Vesna (eng. Spring).
Vesna has got a very bright color, a perfect profile, a very long tail, and high-set ears with long tufts, perfectly evident “brainpan”. She is very cheerful, active and playful. Vesna has got an astonishing temper!
She is beloved by all the members of the family, and of course by al the cats and dogs.

Флаг Италии
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In the photo 3 years old

keren or

Keren Or Krasnyi Dar*Ru



Langstteich's P'Jackie Lee

Color: Black Classic Tabby Blotched with White - n 09 22
All tests N/N  (tests' photos)
Father: Langstteich's NU' Paparazzi - ns 09 22 
Mother: Langstteich's Jackie Malika Blue - a 09
Home name - Shipa, Shipelka
Jackie has high-set ears with long tufts. Her profile is gorgeous, she has a powerful jaw and a big "box". Her marble pattern is such clear and harmonious, wool of an improbable texture, it's really silkly, msmooth and shimmers in the sun. This is a very beautiful looking girl and my marble love!
Флаг Германии
Флаг Германии
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In the photo 2 years old



Fendi Adele Alligator*Ru

Color: Silver Tortoiseshell and white - fs 09
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: B'Silver Rain NoBabyGlare - ns 09 22
Mother: Bekkercoon Unique Milena Mi-Mi - fs 09
This princess was born in our cattery and stayed with us for further breeding. She's just incredible. It's true! Her breed data is top notch and her profile, super high-set ears and "box" are worth a special mention. Also she has a great color with high smoke.
Such female is a treasure for any cattery!
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In the photo 1 years old



Jacquemus Simon'a Alligator*Ru

Color: Classic Silver Tabby Blotched with White - ns 09 22
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: B'Silver Rain NoBabyGlare - ns 09 22
Mother: Langstteich's
P'Jackie Lee - n 09 22
Home name - Belyye Lapki 
(eng. White Paws)
Belyye Lapki was born in our cattery and stayed with us too.
Her phenotype is as powerful as her mother's. She has the same strong profile, powerful box and super high-set ears. Her color is reminiscent of a snow leopard, with a very distinct marble pattern and crystal silver, and her white paws and collar are reminiscent of freshly fallen snow.
I have high hopes for this Snow Princess!

In the photo 6 months old

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Флаг Германии
Color: Classic Silver Tabby Blotched - ns 22
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: B'Silver Rain NoBabyGlare - ns 09 22
Mother: Keren Or Krasnyi Dar*Ru - fs
Carolina was born in our cattery and stayed with us too.
She has incredible charisma, a real "wild look" like her mother's, high-set ears, an impressive "box", a long tail
and a thick lion collar. 
In general, her whole appearance suggests that
she is the future queen of our Maine coon-family!

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In the photo 7 months old


K'Carolina Herrera



Unique of Tsarskoye Selo

Color: Blue Smoke with White - as 09
All tests N/N (tests' photos)
Father: Langstteich's JP'Kaschmir - a 23 
Mother: Pillowtalk's
Mon ChiChi - fs
Home name - Yezhevika 
(eng. Blackberry)
This baby came from the cattery of my very good friend Oksana Mauberg. Yezhevika has incredible potential and it is very interesting to watch her develop into a very strong Maine Coon! She has an amazing personality and easily became part of our family.
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In the photo 1 year old

Флаг Германии
Флаг Германии


Bekkercoon Unique

Milena Mi-Mi

Color: Tortie Smoke with White - fs 09
Tests: HCM N/N, PKD N/N, 
PRA rdAc N/N,  SMA N/N
Father: Langstteich's Final  
Mother: Langstteich's WF'Hight Spirits
Mi-Mi is a bright representative of such coons: strong and incredibly long body, tall sturdy legs, fine long tail, evident long brainpan, high-set ears
with long tufts!
Флаг Германии
Флаг Германии
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In the photo 1 year old

Color: Red Marble - d22
All tests N/N
Father: CH Wabun Qualification Approved 
Mother: GIC Reality Show Krasnyi Dar*Ru 
She is our rising star. But she knows how to be a sweet and affectionate girl. She can not stand solitude and is always in the company of people. Iffi is the owner of an excellent breed type and a luxurious fur coat. This is truly a priceless girl.

5 (2)_edited.jpg

In the photo 8 months old



Color: Black Smoke Solid - ns
It's a real lady, rowdy-dowdy and bold!
But like all our coons he loves meeting people, purring and talking loudly. She has an interesting type, big tall ears, strong chin, the correct profile, very long body and an equally long tail. Her name is similar to an African Gazelle, and I think that explains her abnormally high, yet powerful legs. 
Of course you can not forget about its color! Black very-very-very smoke.


Жезель (9)_edited.jpg
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In the photo 8 months old


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In the photo 1,5 year old


Color: Black Tortie - f
All tests N/N

Fanta is very beautiful lady with brightly  expressed and expressive breeding features. It has very long expressive “face”, ears with long tassels, powerful chin, long body and long tail. Very soft and silky fur of  sated tortie color.  It  is very enjoyable to hold it on hands and soft to touch … It is very sympathetic, vigorous, tender, playful, lover of hands and care! 


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