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Alligator Maine Coon has an international family because graduates live in different countries of the world. 

More than 80% of our babies live in the United States: Washington, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado. In Europe, these are countries such as Germany, France, Estonia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Sweden. Some kittens live in the cities of Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. 



Cats calmly tolerate flights on airplanes. They can fly in the cabin with a courier, or in a specially equipped compartment for transporting animals. The delivery can be carried out by one of our couriers or, if desired, the buyer can come to our coon-family and pick up the kitten. You can also chat with the owners of our kittens in your country to make sure that our graduates live really happy and delight their owners.